Hi, I'm Eileen Perrier 

London based freelance photographer who specialises in capturing the human experience through Documentary photography and Portraiture. 


Eileen Perrier

Born: 1974 -       

(London, U.K.) 

Lives and works in London. 

Eileen Perrier’s work has been widely exhibited since 1999, including The Photographers' Gallery, (London, UK); Tate Britain (London, UK); The Whitechapel Gallery (London, UK), the touring exhibition Africa Remix, which included the Hayward Gallery (London) and The Centre Pompidou (Paris, France). 

Perrier has also been artist in residence at Light Work (in partnership with Autograph ABP) (New York, USA); in Playing The City, Kunsthalle Schirn (Frankfurt, Germany) and has worked with Tate Britain (as an invited artist) on their education programme - BP Family Festival: Close Encounters of the Art Kind and currently has work installed from a portrait commission with Kings College London called "Portraits of a Global Law School" currently displayed on level -1 in Somerset House East Wing. 

Artist Statement

"I was born and raised in London coming from a cultural background of Ghanaian and Dominican parentage, this dual heritage has presented me with questions around, placement, cultural identity and diversity.

My early personal projects draw from a long tradition of African portraiture since my first visit to Ghana in 1995. 

Colour photography was my gateway into showing a vibrancy not readily found in the media's reportage coverage on Africa and Africans. Images which I encountered at this time were black and white imagery of Africa and  africans being effected by famine. 

 My objective was to communicate my initial impressions of visiting Ghana, with my mother, who had not been back to her home country for over 30 years. This journey allowed me to feel more grounded in my identity and changed my understanding and relationship with what it meant to be a Londoner of  African descent."


Perrier's practice includes personal projects and  art commissions. 

She has photographed sitters encountered through various strategies; such as their occupation; location or a physical trait. 

Recent projects have seen Perrier working in public spaces using a portable studio and large format camera in  reference to Victorian style Portraiture.

Perrier also has an ongoing series called, 'Mobile Portraits', of sitters encountered daily and documented on her Mobilephone.


(Selected) Clients / Commissions


Art and Aution Magazine

Kings College 

The Photographers' Gallery

Whitechapel Gallery

Peckham Platform


Light Work

Tate Britian

The Foundling Museum

The Face Magazine

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