Eileen Perrier

Quiet Pioneers

Eileen Perrier was commissioned by mariaandco to take is a series of portraits commissionedto celebrate and mark the 40th Anniversary of the Carnival in 2004.

The result is Quiet Pioneers, ten images of some of the ‘elders’ of Caribbean carnival in London – those individuals who have been instrumental in the ongoing development of Notting Hill Carnival.

Eileen was selected for her approach to portraiture, a style that always results in highly polished images, which are, both truthful and sensitive depictions of her subjects. The sitters were selected in consultation with Notting Hill Mas Bands Association (NHMBA) and Carole Morrison, Combined Arts Unit, Arts Council London.

Quiet Pioneers was made possible with funding from Arts Council England

Lawrence Noel, Trinbago

Joan Noel, 


Roland Noel, Inspiration Arts

Ros Price, 

South Connections

Joan Francis, South Connections

Clive Philip, 

Mangrove Steel Band

Christina Oree, 


David Grant, 


Sterling Betacourt, Nostalgia Steel Band

Jean Bernard 

Pioneers and their Offspring

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