Photo50, London Art Fair

Photo50, London Art Fair’s annual exhibition of contemporary photography, will exhibit Eileen Perrier’s work and be curated by a curatorial collective - Pelumi Odubanjo and Katy Barron. 

London Art Fair - Business Design Centre, London, 18 - 22 January 2023

The collection, named Beautiful Experiments, presents a selection of works by 11 multigenerational women and non-binary photographers whose practice engages with their Black and mixed diasporic heritage. 

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The 2023 edition of Photo50, Beautiful Experiments, curated by Pelumi Odubanjo and Katy Barron, will present the work of a group of multigenerational women and non-binary photographers whose practice engages with their Black and mixed diasporic heritage. Through their lens, the exhibition will explore domestic life and the idea of “home”. 

 Echoing Saidiya Hartmann’s Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments: Intimate Histories of Riotous Black Girls, Troublesome Women, and Queer Radicals, from which this year’s Photo50 exhibition title derives. Beautiful Experiments includes works from the 1980s through to the present day and presents diverse imagery by artists that reflect their histories and personal ideas of home and identity. 

The exhibition will think through ideas of ‘home’ in a number of ways - as a safe space, a queer space, an invisible space, a space of isolation, a place of memory, and the notion of home outside of the family home. It will consider the difference between generational approaches, and the wide-ranging uses of photographs and archival materials. In Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments, Saidiya Hartmann writes about the lives of Black women in the US through a lens of fiction, using photographs from the archive and taking a sensory approach to narrating such histories. 

Beautiful Experiments will capture the narratives of 11 Black women and non-binary photographers, the majority of whom are based in the UK. “We tried to find a way to allow the photographers space to consider their ideas and share them with us. Some of these voices have not been heard and we feel that they deserve a platform. The exhibition was an opportunity for them to experiment with their ideas without constraints. The beauty in these works is both visual but also emotional as they share intimate domestic or interior moments with the viewer.” - Pelumi Odubanjo and Katy Barron 2023.

London Art Fair 2023’s curated talks programme compliments their Photography Focus Day (Friday 20 January 2023), a day of talks and tours dedicated to the examination and discussion of the most innovative and distinctive elements of contemporary photographic practice. Visitors can also enjoy expert insight from the co-curator of this year’s Photo50 exhibition, Beautiful Experiments, Pelumi Odubanjo and Katy Barron on topics such as women practising in the photographic field today.


Heather Agyepong | Joy Gregory | Adaeze Ihebom | Adama Jalloh | Marcia Michael | Bernice Mulenga | Eileen Perrier | Rubee Samuel | Marlene Smith | Maxine Walker | Sofia Yala 

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