Dodge and Burn: Diversity in Photography History

Photographer Interview 
6th October 2014 
Dodge and Burn: Diversity in Photography History 

Interviewed by Qiana Mestrich 

Please see links to interviews for the Peckham Square Studio project, with Dodge and Burn, and photomonitor. 

I was fortunate to be interviewed by Dodge and Burn.  
Below is a link to all the interviews they did in 2014. 
A great Photographic resource. 

The Photographer Interviews of 2014 

Interviews are not easy. With hours of collaborative work behind each one, our photographer interviews are produced over the course of a few weeks, sometimes over a year or more. Despite the labor, after each one, I’m always encouraged to keep making new work. This year I was fortunate to interview 13 photographers, check the links below if you missed any. I hope they too leave you refreshed. Let’s look forward to 2015! 

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