MetroLand Peer-to-Peer Progamme

Eileen Perrier is delighted to announce her participation as one of the artists selected for the MetroLand Peer-to-Peer programme cohort.

She will be collaborating with a diverse and talented group of artists who will undoubtedly enhance the programme. These artists include Amanda Colares Silva, Francesca Telling, JAYKOE, Krystyna & Sabina (Kasia Kuzka and Mateusz Piekarski), Daisy Jones, ESEA unseen (Kim Chin + Sue Man), Rose Nordin, Zish, and Ngo Chun Tse. Over the next ten weeks, Eileen will embark on a journey of learning, collaboration, and growth.

This programme, developed in consultation with artists in Brent, London, aims to address many of the barriers typically encountered by local artists—especially challenges related to visibility—while providing tailored support to nurture artistic practices within the borough. Eileen is eager to gain new insights, experiences, and creativity within this inspiring community, which will continue to benefit her beyond the programme!

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