Fresh Faced + Wild Eyed

Perrier stands as one of the Judges for The Photographers’ Gallery | Fresh Faced + Wild Eyed 2013.

From architectural abstractions to reflections on political environments and gender, this sixth edition of FreshFaced+WildEyed showcases the diversity and depth of photographic practice emerging from visual arts courses across the UK.

A selection of recent graduates’ work from photographic courses across the UK has been selected for this year’s FreshFaced + WildEyed show at The Photographers’ Gallery in London.

The 22 photographers were drawn from more than 300 applicants who graduated in the past year from BA and MA visual arts courses across the UK, with photography and digital media forming the main component of their practice.

There is a broad mix of work on show including politically driven pieces like Harry Mitchell’s series taken during the protests in Egypt’s Tahrir Square in 2012, each frame seeming to echo the colours of the Egyptian flag seen in the shot above.

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