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  1. ‘Pamela and Nybs’ Foundling Portraits Campaign

    2022-10-12 14:07:00 UTC

    Perrier commemorates former pupils of the Foundling Hospital with a new double portrait.  Image Credit: Eileen Perrier. The reveal of the Foundling Museum’s ‘Pamela and Nybs’ marks the  anniversary of Charter Day (17th October).  Perrier’s work  has joined the Foundling Portraits Campaign, and was taken in the Museum’s Court Room…

  2. Peckham Platform Commission

    2014-07-11 14:09:00 UTC

    Event with: Peckham Platform Peckham Platform has commissioned Perrier to take portraits on Peckham Square. 11 July | 12 July |  Peckham Square Studio Do you want to take part in a new photography project here at Peckham Platform? There are limited sessions available on a first come first serve…

  3. The Albert Studio series

    2013-10-27 17:54:00 UTC

    © Eileen Perrier | The Albert Studio 2013 | Billboard Project ( displayed from: 15th - 27th October 2013)  The Albert Studio series is now on display on a Build | Billboard Displayed from: 15th October 2013 – 27th October 2013  Image Credit: Eileen Perrier.

  4. My Hair: Black Hair Culture, style and Politics

    2013-09-28 16:59:00 UTC

    From the 2nd July to 28th September 2013, Perrier’s work will be shown in an exhibition called, My Hair: Black Hair Culture, style and Politics. “…At the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the story is brought to the present day with three connected contemporary art installations by artist and writer…

  5. Fresh Faced + Wild Eyed

    2013-07-15 06:10:00 UTC

    Perrier stands as one of the Judges for The Photographers’ Gallery | Fresh Faced + Wild Eyed 2013. Name: Harry Mitchell Photograph Info: Men gather on a rooftop overlooking Tahrir Square during a large Friday demonstration, in which more than 100,000 people gathered to demonstrate against the incumbent military junta,…

  6. The World In London

    2012-07-27 19:07:00 UTC

    The World in London is an ambitious photography project for 2012, celebrating London’s diversity and photography’s unique role in capturing the human form.  Coinciding with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the project brought together 204 specially commissioned photographic portraits of 204 Londoners, each originating from one of the…

  7. Playing In The City 3

    2011-08-18 13:44:00 UTC

    Eileen Perrier | SCHILLERMARKT STUDIO  The Schirn brings art into the street for the third and last time.  Playing the City—take three. From August 11 to August 25, 2011, Perrier joins international artists to occupy the inner city of Frankfurt with their actions, performances, and installations. Art will take to…

  8. Contact Sheet 157

    2009-08-24 16:50:00 UTC

    This catalogue features work produced by the 2009 Light Work Artists-in-Residence and the Light Work Grant Recipients with accompanying essays.  It includes the work of Yolanda del Amo, Karen Garrett de Luna, Meggan Gould, Leslie Hewitt, Priya Kambli, Dean Kessmann, Doug Manchee, Rachelle Mozman, Demetrius Oliver, Eileen Perrier, Shawn Records,…

  9. The Street — a year-long series of artists’ commissions

    2008-08-31 07:43:00 UTC

    In August 2008, The Whitechapel Gallery commissioned Perrier to take part in ‘The Street — a year-long series of artists’ commissions on and around Wentworth Street.’  The commission involved a portable photographic studio on a market stall in Denning Point tower block as well as Petticoat Lane Market. Making…

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