My Hair: Black Hair Culture, style and Politics

From the 2nd July to 28th September 2013, Perrier’s work will be shown in an exhibition called, My Hair: Black Hair Culture, style and Politics. 

“…At the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the story is brought to the present day with three connected contemporary art installations by artist and writer Michael McMillan.”

The installations show the development of the global black hair industry, the politicising and popularisation of Afros and Dreadlocks, and bring to life the ‘Cottage Salon’ in the Home, The Barber Shop and The Hairdressing Salon. 

Explaining black hair culture, styling and politics as we know it today, the installations are complemented by a film showing different hands styling hair, and a series of soundbites, which can be heard by sitting under one of the hairdryers.” 

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Image Credit: Eileen Perrier.

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