‘Pamela and Nybs’ Foundling Portraits Campaign

Perrier commemorates former pupils of the Foundling Hospital with a new double portrait. 

The reveal of the Foundling Museum’s ‘Pamela and Nybs’ marks the  anniversary of Charter Day (17th October). 

Perrier’s work  has joined the Foundling Portraits Campaign, and was taken in the Museum’s Court Room during Pamela’s visit from the United States. The portrait displays Pamela (right) and Sylvia (left) side by side after over 60 years of friendship since first meeting at the Hospital’s Berkhamsted site. 

Photographer Eileen Perrier’s dual heritage informs her work through concepts involving cultural identity, placement, and diversity. Perrier celebrates individuality within the framework of often coincidental common ground in her portraits. 

Full of empathy, they probe into the manners in which we construct private and public identities, and how others may constrict them for us. 

Visit Foundling Museum to read more about Perrier’s ‘Pamela and Nybs’ portrait.

Image Credit: Eileen Perrier.

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