Eileen Perrier


  1. Playing In The City 3

    18 Aug 2011
    Eileen Perrier | SCHILLERMARKT STUDIO  The Schirn brings art into the street for the third and last time.  Playing the City—take three. From August 11 to August 25, 2011, Perrier joins international artists to occupy the inner city of Frankfurt with their actions, performances, and installations. Art will take to…

  2. Contact Sheet 157

    24 Aug 2009
    This catalogue features work produced by the 2009 Light Work Artists-in-Residence and the Light Work Grant Recipients with accompanying essays.  It includes the work of Yolanda del Amo, Karen Garrett de Luna, Meggan Gould, Leslie Hewitt, Priya Kambli, Dean Kessmann, Doug Manchee, Rachelle Mozman, Demetrius Oliver, Eileen Perrier, Shawn Records,…

  3. The Street — a year-long series of artists’ commissions

    31 Aug 2008
    In August 2008, The Whitechapel Gallery commissioned Perrier to take part in ‘The Street — a year-long series of artists’ commissions on and around Wentworth Street.’  The commission involved a portable photographic studio on a market stall in Denning Point tower block as well as Petticoat Lane Market. Making…

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